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:::: Aerial Lift of Connecticut ::::

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Manufacturer of Aerial Lift Models available from 38' to 77'

The staff of Aerial Lift has extensive experience since 1958 in research, engineering and design of aerial devices. We have a common goal of safer, more efficient aerial devices. Aerial Lift is constantly striving to provide our customers with the latest in aerial devices and the best service in the industry. It is our relentless effort in pursuit of these goals that assured our customer maximized operating economies.

Our company had its beginnings with a single bay garage, a pickup truck and one man's desire to provide only the best service available in the tree care industry. Today we manufacture and service our own brand of bucket truck, new and used aerial lifts of Connecticut. Virtually all of our employees have been with us at least 10 years and we now have several full time road service vehicles.

Aerial Lift Models are available from 38' to 77'

Aerial Lift E-14
The E-14 elevator is a compact stowed unit for travel. This Aerial device gives you the extra working height up to 77' - 53' Side Reach.

Aerial Lift 65/53
The AL-65/53 - 65' working height.

Aerial Lift Rearmount The rear mount is so compact, this vehicle can maneuver with ease through tight spaces and give additional working height.