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18th Annual International Lineman's Rodeo & Expo

Transmission & Distribution World,  August 1, 2001  

Linemen, grab your gear. From Sept. 6-8, 2001, more than 3000 attendees and participants from around the world will travel to Kansas City, Missouri, U.S., to attend this year's Lineman's Rodeo and Expo. As in years past, the International Lineman's Rodeo Expo 2001 will be held at Bartle Hall. The Expo offers vendors and exhibitors the latest technological innovation and services related to the worldwide power-delivery industry. Products and services to be displayed at this year's event include: poles, crossarms, conductors, hardware, tools, anchors, marking devices, tree-trimming equipment, aerial lifts, bucket trucks, derricks, safety equipment, protective clothing, grounding equipment, off-highway equipment, trenching equipment, insulators, connectors, reclosers, PCB removal, wire, cable and more.

The Lineman's Rodeo outdoor competition will take place 15 miles from downtown Kansas City in Bonner Springs, Kansas, on 172 acres of land at the National Agricultural Center & Hall of Fame. The Lineman's Rodeo attracts the best linemen from around the world to compete in events based on traditional lineman tasks. The first Lineman's Rodeo was held in September 1984 with 12 teams participating from Kansas and Missouri. Today, the rodeo boasts more than 200 teams.

Rules of Eligibility

The purpose of the International Lineman's Rodeo is to recognize the profession of line work and to demonstrate the safety, skill and education of electric linemen. Any person who is or ever was a qualified practicing, working lineman is eligible to compete in the rodeo.


A team for the Lineman's Rodeo consists of three participants: two journeymen and a groundman. Teams compete in the following divisions:

Investor-owned utilities

Municipal utilities


Rural Electric Cooperatives


For the Senior Division, each member of the team must be 45 years or older by Sept. 7, 2001. A senior team may choose to compete in the Senior Division or in another division but not in both. Seniors are eligible to win the Top Overall prize and individual events. Senior team members are required to submit a photocopy of identification, such as a driver's license, when submitting a team entry form.


Scoring is based on correct work procedures and safety. Utility supervisors and past rodeo contestants are the judges and follow strict criteria. Each team participates in five mandatory events. This year's events are:

Pole climb

Hurt man rescue

Three mystery events.

A groundman is a non-climbing member of the team. He will be allowed to climb if one of the climbing linemen should have to drop out for any reason. The groundman must be a journeyman to replace a climbing member of the team. If the groundman replaces a journeyman, he must be replaced by an alternate groundman to keep the team as a whole unit.


Apprentices also compete in the Rodeo as individuals in five events:

Hurt man rescue

Pole climb

Apprentice written test

Two mystery events.

A person is considered an apprentice for four years after he enters an apprenticeship. This definition is used as the criteria for eligibility in entering the rodeo.

If a person has been an apprentice for more than four years, he will not be allowed to enter the apprentice events.

Barbecue, Banquet and T-Shirts

On Friday night, Sept. 7, attendees are invited to a barbecue at the Barney Allis Plaza, located in front of the downtown Kansas City Marriott. The barbecue will feature trade night again this year.

On Saturday evening following the rodeo, the awards banquet will be held in Exhibition Hall A of Bartle Convention Center. Bus service will be provided to Bartle Hall from the Westin Crown Center and Hyatt Regency hotels.

And don't forget to show off your best T-shirt and hat designs. Prizes will be awarded for the best design. The Board of Directors and Advisory Committee will perform judging. To enter, bring shirts or hats to the expo and turn them into the registration desk for entry. Note: Shirts and hats submitted to the contest will not be returned.